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Window Glass Repair

Shattered window glass repair, we will have your glass replaced in a fast time.

Furthermore, when you choose Melbourne Emergency Glass you will be talking to a highly skilled glazier.

In addition, we aim to beat any genuine quote from any other window glass repair company.

window glass repair

All window glass repair, is installed to Australian standards 1288.

Replacement glass to sliding glass window, timber entry window.

Covering all Melbourne suburbs.

                     Click to call 0450 216 879

Emergency Window Glass Repair.

Also all window glass repair, has a guarantee on any workmanship

Feel free to call Melbourne Emergency Glass & you will find piece of mind, when you read our five star reviews from our happy customers.

Melbourne Emergency Glass has been installing & repairing broken glass for over 10 years, with top tradesman glazing experience.

Window glass repair

Frequently asked questions window glass repairs,

Causes why a sliding glass window can shatter by itself.

On some occasion a glass window glass repairs, can break by itself. Try not to be to alarmed, as on the odd time can implode due to toughened safety glass has been heat treated.

In which it is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass, when it breaks will shatter into tiny pieces, with less risk of personnel injury to you, your pets or family.

Sliding window glass repair.

Furthermore window glass repair, the reasons the glass can break as due to the thermal stress that when the glass has been processed, or uneven shading from the sun.

When one part of the glass heats up, & the remaining glass in the shade stays cold, & this is uneven expansion within the glass.

Other factors are usually from lawn mowing or whipper snipper. When a projectile like a rock at a high velocity causing the window glass repairs, to shatter.

As it has a high chance of injury to yourself. Leave it up to us, as we have all the correct & safe equipment for glass removal.

Older windows usually have normal annealed glass installed. Which when broken is highly dangerous. We advise do not try & remove this broken glass.

In conclusion, when you choose us here at Melbourne Emergency Glass. You can be rest assured for correct & safe glass installation for your glass sliding door.

Emergency glass window repair.

Remember fast window glass repairs, call Melbourne Emergency Glass all our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

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  1. Hi Sam certain imperfections in the glass can also cause the glass to break, example if there are shells on the glass edged & this can cause breakage.

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